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YLEM: The origin of matter

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YLEM: The origin of matter


The word ylem comes from a Latin word hylem which means the basic or fundamental state of the universe. According to some scientists, it is the origin of matter. It was in gaseous form before the Neutrons in the gaseous state formed ylem. With the evolution of the universe, it was found that neutron is a subatomic particle of an atom. Before, the neutron was the fundamental building block of matter.

Atomic Structure and Neutrons


The history of ylem is as old as the history of the matter. Ylem was there in the universe from the very beginning. The plasma composed of the cosmos in Big Bang Expansion. Formation of atoms was taking place during the expansion and cooling of these cosmos. This also included the decoupling of photons. Ylem is the source of thermal radiation for the cooling and expansion of the cosmos. Its basic history started in the 1940s. However, a brief timeline of work is as follows:

1. 1946:

              In 1946, Ralph A. Alpher said that ylem was a gas mainly composed of neutrons after universal expansion started. It was considered to be the origin of each element.

2. 1952:

              George Gamow explained ylem as the hot gaseous mixture of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

History of ylem
History of ylem

3. 1959:

              James Balis considered it a flux of neutrons only at a high temperature.

4. 2008:

                Piers Bizony said that ylem came into being as a result of rising in temperature rapid cooling down of the primordial state of matter and then it got fused with helium nuclei.

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Zubaria Zafar

Zubaria is Publications Manager at Techylem and a research student of Masters in Information Security at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad.