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What can you get from an Envato Market

What can you get from an Envato Market

About the Company:

Envato is a worldwide online platform founded in 2006 by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, and Jun Rung. It has offices in Guadalajara and Los Angeles, with its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The company found immediate fame and success and has over 300 employees working for it. 

It is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can communicate, negotiate, and make transactions. It has digital assets for various purposes, including; graphics, photography, videography, music tracks, etc. Due to the positive reviews gained by the company, it has surpassed 1.5 million buyers and sellers, 5 million items for sale, and has over 8 million community members. 

Products offered:

The website is subdivided into different categories according to their offerings. Each category is discussed in detail:

Envato Elements:

This category includes unlimited subscription of digital assets i.e. video templates, music tracks, sound effects, graphic templates, web templates, etc. This content of templates and other assets is created by independent creators that are selected by the company from around the globe. They cater to the needs of different professionals, firms, designers, etc.

There are different subscription plans for different customers:

  • For an individual customer, the price is $16.5/month. 
  • As for a group of 5, it is 10.75/month. 
  • Students are offered up to 30% off on an individual subscription plan.
  • The price for agencies and teams of more than five people depend on their wants and orders.

Once you get the subscription, you can download unlimited templates and designs, thus there is no limit. It offers lifetime licensing and another plus point is that you can cancel the subscription whenever you want to. 

Envato Studio:

It also provides help in digital projects, some of its offerings are logo and design, WordPress, mobile and app, online marketing, branding, etc. 

In Envato Studio, the customer can choose which developer they want to work with. They can visit the profile of different developers, compare their pricing, read their reviews, scrutinize their work, and then decide rationally. Once, they have chosen the designer they want to work with, they need to contact them to explain their demand and work. 

After the communication is done, the customer pays the amount which is held by the company till the time of completion of work. Once the work is done and the customer is happy and satisfied with it, they confirm it to the company and the company pays the designer. 

Placeit by Envato:

This platform is well known for its range of mockups, design, logo, and video templates. Some of the most popular mockup categories on the site are apparel, print, and digital that include t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, business cards, flyers, etc. 

The customer can start with a logo design, then make a video using the intro maker tool by Placeit to present the logo. Afterward, the customer can download the design templates for various items and use them on mockups to see whether they like it or not. So, it is less time and energy consuming as you can do it on your browser rather than installing complicated software. 

The customers can either purchase the item individually or through their subscription plan. Once, the payment has been made, 20% of its amount is given to the designer. However, if the item purchased has different assets (graphics, fonts, etc) from different creators, then 5% is given to the author of the template and the remaining 15% is given to the authors of the assets.

Envato Market:

It is the vastest and huge platform on the website and offers a bunch of items. Some of the most prominent products are:

So the variety of items is just endless. It has a total of almost 50,000 WordPress themes starting from as low as $2. Envato Market offers around 2,100,00 video templates and 1,400,000 free soundtracks. If you want to design a business proposal and project or start up a new company, you can discover up to almost 860,000 fonts, logos, and presentation templates from this site.

License fee, tax, handling fee, and buyer’s fee make up the total price of an item. In case of a refund, some of the few situations in which a refund is possible are: 

  • The item got removed
  • Bought an item by mistake or changed your opinion about the product
  • You don’t have enough expertise to use the product

Once the customer has requested a refund and the author agrees, the refund will be done using the payment method that was used for the transaction. 

How membership works:

An individual needs to be at least 18 to get the free membership. After getting the membership, you can buy items, participate in online forums, or even become an author. Moreover, if you recommend Envato to someone, you can also get the referral income. You can get a 30% commission on the first item you refer to and if you refer 10 WordPress customers per day, you can earn up to $4500/month. 

Why Choose Envato?

Apart from providing a huge range of online digital assets for various creative professions, Envato also offers a 24/7 buyer support service. The support team answers all the queries and addresses the complaints of customers, they are very efficient. 

For the convenience of the customers, the team of the company selects the best templates every week and displays them to the users. This might save up their time navigating through the website. So, what are you waiting for? If you need any kind of digital asset, you should sign up on Envato. 

The creative team reviews the quality of all the items before letting the authors put them on the site. They also prevent fraud as the author is not paid until the customer is completely satisfied with the product. Overall, one can never go wrong when using Envato products. 





Rabiya Tahir