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Web Hosting UK

Web Hosting UK

What is Web Hosting?

When an individual or a firm wants to set up their website, who do they seek help from? They go to web hosting services that provide them a place on a server which in turn permits them to post webpage or website on the internet. The service provides the technology, connectivity, and services required for your website to be hosted and displayed on the internet.

At present, there are a variety of web hosting services available with their unique plans ranging from basic to premium. Each service is unique and offers different specific features e.g. some offer high speed while others offer a reasonable price. It can get very overwhelming to choose one service among many, especially if you are new in this industry. Hence, for your ease, we have explained the detailed features of Web Hosting UK, a successful and well known hosting service.

About Web Hosting UK:

Web Hosting UK (WHUK) was founded in 2001, its original name being Hosting Heaven, and has been running successfully for almost two decades now. The headquarters are located in Leeds while the servers are located in Maidenhead, UK. The company has remained privately owned throughout the years and handles its tech support and monitoring. It is a renowned firm and is providing key cloud and hosting services to about 35000 customers around the globe. Moreover, it is hosting about 1,000,000 websites on the network. 

Benefits of being privately-owned:

Being privately owned has proven to be favorable for the company as well as its customers. It still has a small business mentality towards its users because it has not been re-sold multiple times. So, they deeply care about the comfort and ease of their customers and try to provide fast, error-free, reliable, and economical service. As the company has complete control over its actions, it has invested heavily in newer, innovative technologies. Hence, most of the solutions provided by WHUK are a result of their investments, research, and projects. 

Hosting Plans Offered by WHUK:

There are three main plans offered by Web Hosting UK that are discussed in detail below:

Personal Shared Hosting:

As the name suggests, this hosting is often used by beginners, small business, or personal blogs and websites. These plans are cheaper than the other two and easy to understand. Some of the plans provided in this category are Email hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting, Windows hosting, and plans offering builder tools.

Business Hosting:

The plans included in this category are more suitable for small to medium businesses, who want to set up competent websites. This is mostly used by entrepreneurs who want to start their business at a higher and more professional level. The services included in this category are cloud, Linux Reseller, Windows Reseller, Windows VPS, etc.  

Enterprise Hosting:

This is the top tier plan as it offers flexibility and a variety of options. It offers enhanced services i.e. cloud cluster options, server mirroring, dedicated servers, and server load balancing. On top of all this, it also lets the customer choose their operating system. So, it is mostly used by big firms or customers looking for a lot of variety and options. 

Ease of Access:

Migrating to Web Hosting UK is an easy and simple task as their migration service is free of cost and very fast. They can migrate and make your website live efficiently in about 24 hours with 24/7 technical support in case of any hurdles.  

Firstly, you need to make a registered account on the website by entering an email and setting up a password. Afterward, you have to choose a plan that best suits you, and then you will be offered a new domain name, or you can use an existing one. A free domain name is offered to customers opting for annual or biennial plans. Once all that is done, you have to choose a feasible payment method and can also register your phone number for getting updates and notifications from the company. 

The dashboard is very straightforward and easy to navigate through and the instructions available on the website are pretty clear as well. So, even if you are a beginner, you can easily get registered and access the Web Hosting UK service. Furthermore, it also provides a site map and the knowledge base which explains step by step method to navigate through the website.


WBUK offers fast and efficient service at a convenient and reasonable price. The cheapest package offered is Premium web hosting which has cPanel (starter). The cost is 2.49 pound sterling per month and the features present include:

As we go to higher-tier packages, the prices increase but so do the facilities and offerings. Another plus point is that every package offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, this attracts a lot of customers and especially professionals.  

Payment Method:

The company follows a monthly payment process, where the money is paid in pound sterling. All major payment transfer methods are used i.e. Paypal, Credit/Debit cards, and bank transfer, whichever is suitable and convenient for the customers. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for newly registered clients. Moreover, it also gives an option for biennial payment, and customers who opt for it get free domain registration for the first year. 

Major Features of Web Hosting UK:

The installation of other useful applications, i.e., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento are all 1-Click away so very easy to download. Another notable feature is the daily backups of customer’s data which is then stored for a whole week. Customers can also pay extra for additional backup, depending on the storage they need. The company promises full privacy of the data, LetsEncrypt SSL is provided to all accounts free of cost that ensures the encryption of the website. 

The control panel used by Web Hosting UK is DirectAdmin which is super fast and easy to manage. The servers have access to SSD Accelerated Storage that results in super-fast speed of page loading, databases responding, backing up, and many more. They also offer add-ons including SSL certificates, anti-spam services, etc for the greater convenience of customers. There are often discounts and promotional offers on add-ons prices, especially on holidays.

Customer Care:

Web hosting UK is well known for having a positive reputation, happy and satisfied customers over the years. The company has 24/7 customer support via live chat or telephone line, it also offers free booking for consultation. The complaints of users are taken seriously and acted upon on an urgent basis. 

Web Hosting UK is active on its social media platforms i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, and posts regularly. There is also a forums tab on the main website which provides a platform for customers to interact and learn from each other.

There is a resources option on the official website of the firm that includes Forum, blog, Knowledge Base, and Service Status. These tell the customers about the rules and procedures, billing systems, policies, their current status, latest updates about the company, and many more. The blog is well categorized and updated, it also gives customers the option to comment and ask queries, give their opinion, etc. 

There are articles on almost every aspect of the firm i.e. Sales FAQ, Menu Editor, Domain and DNS, etc. Moreover, the employees who cater to the customers are very knowledgeable and well updated about their company and provide instant and effective solutions.


Web Hosting UK is a reliable and secure service that promises high performance at a low price. It also makes sure that the customers are well served with their 24/7 technical support. Migrating to and navigating through the website is super easy and uncomplicated. If you are not satisfied, there is no setup fee and a 30-day back guarantee. So, you can’t go wrong with choosing Web Hosting UK service. 




Rabiya Tahir