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7 Technology Transformations Caused by Covid-19

7 Technology Transformations Caused by Covid-19

Covid-19, a pandemic, which started on 31st December 2019 no one knew that the small virus is going to change the style in which we live our lives. The way we used to interact with each other, how we worked, even our cleaning habits also changed. 

In a situation where we cannot meet each other but the World has to run normally we have to work and for that purpose, it became our necessity to make some improvisations to our normal ways of doing things and as a result, technology is transformed in these two years. However, even before Covid-19, technology was advancing but after Covid-19 its pace increased a lot. 

Technology Transformation in Businesses: 


After covid-19, many businesses shifted to online platforms to keep their working smooth. So, where people had to go in the meeting room for a 20-minute meeting they can now do it through video-conference calls. Also, for some business meetings, people had to go to some other parts of the World. It can all be done through virtual meetings.  Zoom and Microsoft Teams helped organizations in such difficult times. Their availability on cross-platforms is perfect for businesses. 

 Cloud Computing:

Cloud-based platforms proved to be an amazing resource for organizations as they can store their progress on cloud platforms. A company’s resources and projects can be saved on your device but to keep a safety check that a disaster may not happen and keep everyone aware of the project progress cloud platforms are the best solution.



Technology Transformation in Education:


The wish of students not going to Schools, Colleges and Universities was fulfilled by Covid-19. Attending physical classes was replaced by online classes. Once again MS Teams, Zoom, Google Classrooms, and Google Meets were there to help both the teacher and students. Paper-based work was replaced by Google Docs and Microsoft Word, online presentations, and online examinations. These are the things that are completely transformed by Covid-19 and they are now a new normal.


Online Shopping:


Online shopping was common even before Covid-19 but a major demand for such services can be seen after its outbreak. Even local businesses also moved to online platforms. Now when things are getting normal people still prefer to shop online rather than visiting outlets. No matter if you want to shop groceries for your house, clothes, or food from your favorite restaurants you can get the items delivered to your doorstep. 


Drone Deliveries:


In the US a company Zipline is focusing on the delivery of healthcare-related products to consumers. This is technology innovation. It can save a lot of patients by delivering health care products quickly to them. No need to parcel your packages and wait for a day or two for them. A brilliant time and life-saving technique are innovated due to Covid-19. Now other countries are also signing contracts with them because it will help the resources to reach remote places.


Telehealth & Telemedicine: 


Many people don’t want to visit hospitals for checkups and guess what Covid-19 proved that even medical check-ups can be done online. Through a phone call or a video-call appointment. However, this mode of treatment misses a lot of things like the doctor is not able to see the patient’s life, they can not see their emotions or pain.

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue: 

Even phone and video calls are now replaced by some applications which use artificial intelligence to detect certain diseases. We can see many applications for the detection of Covid-19.  In those applications, users have to enter their symptoms, and based on datasets they are prescribed medicines.



Online Entertainment:


Covid-19 has some negative effects on people because everything shuts down. People were going into a depression so entertainment was also necessary for them. And then the World found a new way of providing entertainment to people. Online Concerts and drive-in theatres are the most popular terms that we hear nowadays. Celebrities have hundreds and thousands of people attending their virtual concerts. People can entertain themselves by isolating themselves in their homes.



 Augmented Reality:


During the pandemic, the use of VR/AR can be seen in much demand because users can control their presence in a real-world environment. People play online games, visit different parts of the World even businesses use these opportunities to train their employees and even hold their business meetings through this mode. It’s becoming a new normal. 

This pandemic is leading our lives toward the future. Everything is getting automated. Even our small daily tasks can now be done with the help of technological advancements. Like the simplest example is that you can control your home appliances with your phone. You can turn off the lights of your home by just clicking a button on your smartphone. 

Another important thing that is now getting common is 5G technology. Right now, it’s not very common but in near future, it will be almost everywhere. So, 2020 and 2021 are years full of technological advancements and transformations. 

Human beings are inventing things to make their life easier. Along with the benefits these technologies also have some negative impacts on society and nature. The things that were used to be done with human force are now done with the help of machines and as a result, people are losing their jobs. Plus we live in a society that is not fully developed. Not everyone can afford these luxuries and technologies so it becomes very difficult for them to stay with the World and adjust themselves to the new normal.

Javeria Syed