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By signing an agreement with us, you automatically sign our Terms of Services. Techylem holds the right to change the Terms of Services whenever required.
terms of services
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Terms of Services

Terms of Services

By signing an agreement with Techylem, you automatically sign our Terms of Services. Techylem holds the right to change the Terms of Services whenever required. However, the company will formally inform you about the change in Terms of Services. Here are some terms clients need to follow while getting services of the company:

The Agreement

The signed agreement will be considered decisive between Techylem and the client. The client is supposed to make a clear discussion with the Techylem team before signing the agreement.

Responsible for deliverables

Techylem claims to be responsible for what it delivers. It provides three months for revision time to clients if the software/project does not comply with the specifications mentioned in the agreement. After the revision period, further conditions may be imposed. However, a written document describing erroneous parts must be provided by the client.

Provision of extra services with extra charges

The company is supposed to provide you only the services mentioned in the agreement. Any other support/service demanded by the client may be provided after the implication of charges. In such a situation, a separate agreement will be signed or the previous agreement will be updated as per the requirements. The payment rule of 25-30% non-refundable advance payment will be the same for any change required by the client.

No responsibility for code modification by other parties

It is not the responsibility of Techylem to tackle changes made by any other third party/unauthorized party in our solutions. It’s totally up to the client to handle these kinds of changes. However, if the client wants the company to alter that change, service charges might be applied.

Third-party services

In case a third party service(s) become obsolete or get updated, we are not responsible for that. The problem will be entertained by the imposition of service charges according to the nature of work.

Right to reuse the Source Code

Techylem holds the right to reuse the source code or the product developed either for other own purposes or for other clients as well. This condition holds unless a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been signed between Techylem and the client.

Right to Display Works

Techylem holds the right to display its works in its portfolio on the website and on the other platforms without notifying the client for which the product was created.

Change in initial specifications

In case the initial requirements are changed by the client after the agreement is signed, the company will charge for extra services.


The company can provide fully functional prototypes to the client upon request. The cost of these prototypes will be decided in the agreement signed between the company and the client.


After the agreement has been signed, the client has to pay 25-30% non-refundable advance payment to the company for further processes on the project. This payment rule is applied to any changes requested by the client.

Payment Clearence

Once the payment is due, the company will email the invoice to the client with 5-7 days to clear the payment before it gets overdue. Payment can be done through the channels mentioned by the company in the invoice email or in the payment reminder message

Late Payments

For previously provided services, once the due date of an invoice is passed, the company will have the right to stop the project work immediately and have the right to cease the project resources until all the dues are cleared.

However, in some cases, a 3 business days grace period can be allowed after the due date


The agreement can be terminated within 15 days of signing it by the client. The company also holds the right to terminate the agreement if required as per our terms of services


The client is supposed to contact the Requirement Gathering team and Business Manager only. The agreement signed between the Business Manager and the client will remain confidential. Its clauses should not be revealed to any third party.

The imposition of state laws

Techylem operates under the laws and jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Any agreement or interpretation of the agreement between Techylem and the client will be constructed following the state laws. To avoid any future dispute, we strongly suggest you to go through these terms of services thoroughly.

No modification unless written

Any other modification in these Terms of Services required from the client side will only be entertained in case it is written and agreed by both the parties (company and the client).

For your privacy related questions, you can read our Privacy Policy. For further queries and confusions , you can contact us at info@techylem.com.