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Design, Mobile App, Website
About This Project

Finding a lost thing is very hectic. Most of the time, a person never finds his lost valuable. The reason may be that the person who found the lost object may not be able to reach the owner of the valuable. One should check ORFOL if he faces such a problem.

ORFOL is here to tackle this problem in a very interesting manner. Suppose a person loses his precious belonging. He can simply come to ORFOL and create a report containing details about the thing he has lost. ORFOL gives flexibility to the user to report in his style. The user can select the category of the lost object and add the location of the place where he lost it. He can set a reward for the person who finds the object. Setting a reward for finding the object may increase the chances of finding the object as rewards attract human nature.

On the other hand, if a user finds any lost object somewhere, he is also able to report a found object. This will help the owner of the object to find his belongings.

ORFOL provides advanced search options to reach the lost object. This reduces the time wasted in ordinary searches and saves a lot of time for the user. The user can instantly find his lost object by using ORFOL.

You can check latest news from Facebook Page of ORFOL. Also, check our other Portfolio Items and celebrate our successes with us!