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Hodos Analytix

Hodos Analytix Dashboard
Data Science, Website
About This Project

Social media has become a need of the 21st century. A single person manages 4,5 social media accounts daily. This ongoing trend has become a malaise to manage a lot of social media accounts at once. It becomes a headache for a single person to manage various accounts and analyze what his audience wants or what the audience intents. The problem is intensified when the account holder has a lot of audiences to address. Hodos Analytix solves this problem for every user by managing major social media accounts at a single point.It’s a platform to integrate multiple social media accounts and track all the activities happening there.

The app is designed to manage huge audiences on different social channels analyzing their thoughts and emotions using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. The brilliantly designed application tells the sentiments, crisis, toxicity, language, and gender of the audience by using analytical Artificial Intelligence supported algorithms. The Sentiment Provider tells the feelings of the followers on social channels of the user. Crisis teller highlights the abusive, harassive, and negative content on his accounts. The Intent Analyzer is here to let the user know about the crucial data of his followers depicting their intent. If there is any kind of destructive talk, the Toxic Analyzer will notify the user about it. Language Detector and Gender Detector are here to identify the language of the content and gender of the person respectively.

The app generates comprehensive graphs and charts to give the account holder a complete picture of what is happening on his accounts and highlights the areas which need to be addressed urgently. These stats will help him out in the decision-making process.

Now, no one has to go to each account individually and check what is happening there. Rather just go to Hodos Analytix and monitor various accounts at a single place. Hodos Analytics has made life more comfortable and saved a lot of time by managing multiple social media accounts on a single platform.


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