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  • Boardrm.
Design, Mobile App
About This Project

Finding a job is already a difficult task but finding a job that fulfills all your requirements, might be one of the most hectic things in today’s era. Boardrm innovatively approaches this problem. It acts as a hub of employers, job seekers, freelancers or a recruiter. It is a perfect combination of humanity and technology, solving one of the key problems of the 21st century. If you’re looking for a job, all you have to do is signup, register your CV and get exploring! 

You can choose your preferred industry to work in, with an additional option of choosing your location as well, which overall increases the flexibility for the user. On the other hand, the already uploaded CV by people helps to smoothe out the recruitment process as well. Overall Boardrm is a one-stop solution to all your job-related problems whether you’re hiring or looking to be hired. Boardrm is a perfect match for you, to find your perfect work match.

Techylem is very proud of its involvement with Boardrm. We have been successful in the formation of a mobile app of your beloved website! Job hunting made it easier! The mobile app would allow the facility of Boardrm to a larger audience and also make the experience a comfortable one.


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