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Business, Design, Mobile App, Website
About This Project

Arbab is a Service Providing App for providing ease and convenience to its users. It is an all-inclusive product which our brilliant team started from the very scratch of the idea. The idea is to bring house maintenance services just a click away for the residents of UAE. 

A client can Sign Up to the Arbab app for gaining their desired services. He can select the category and subcategory of the service he needs and can choose a service provider of his own choice to send a job request specifying his needs. He can discuss it with the service provider to start the work.  As work ends, he may approve an invoice created by the service provider. He will then pay and rate him for the services.

A service provider can fill a form of his details to register on the Arbab-X app. The admin can approve his account after complete authentication. He can log in to see his job invites to either accept or reject them. After accepting an invite, he may start doing the job. As the job finishes, he will generate an invoice to get the pay of his work done.

Techylem started with the initial branding of this idea and is currently developing Arbab and Arbab-X apps.


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