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How to find your cat or dog using Tractive?

How to find your cat or dog using Tractive?

About the company:

Tractive is an Austrian private company, developed in 2012 by Michael Hurnaus, Michael Lettner, Michael Tschernuth, and Florian Gschwandtne. The company has over 90 employees working at its headquarters in Pasching, Austria. Since its development, the firm has increased its reach globally and now has customers in almost 120 countries.

The purpose of this service is to strengthen the bond of the pet with its owner. It is a real-time location tracking device for pet owners (cats and dogs) that enables them to track their pets anytime, anywhere. It allows users to monitor their pets through a smartphone app or web interface. The technology used to transfer the data is GSM that uses GPS for locating the pet.

You want to monitor, track, and communicate with your pet? Tractive should be your pick.

How does it work?

Tractive has a clip mechanism attached to the collar of the pet, which has a GPS navigator inside it. An internet connection for the smartphone, laptop, etc. is required for the app to work. The clip weighs about 1.4 ounces so that it’s easier to carry and not burden the pet. It is used for animals weighing 9 pounds or more. They also offer a remote to the user, through which the owner can communicate with their pet.

Moreover, the owner can set up a virtual fence using the geofencing feature. If the animal leaves the area or is in any kind of pain, the app immediately sends a notification to the owner. Because some of the pets love playing with water, the device is 100% waterproof and it’s also robust so that it doesn’t break.

So, it has made the lives of pet owners a whole lot easier, stress-free, and less dependable on others for taking care of their pets.

How to start using Tractive:


Creating an Account:

The user needs to either download the app or open the official website of Tractive. Then click on “Create Account” and make a new account using their name, email, and password. For the convenience of the customers, the app allows users to connect through Facebook or Apple ID.


After creating an account, the user needs to choose a subscription plan. Tractive offers two plans: basic and premium. The basic costs 7.99 Euros per month and you can pay monthly, yearly or every two years. The premium costs 69.99 Euros per month and you can pay yearly, every two years or every five years. Live tracking and activity monitoring (keeps owners updated on their pet’s health i.e. calories intake, physical activity, rest time, etc) of the pet are provided in both plans, however, the premium plan offers many additional services.

It not only updates the location of the pet every 2-3 seconds but also lets you see their location history. It provides the option of public or family sharing so that if you are busy, your close ones can keep track of your pets. Last but not the least, you can track your pet if it’s in the next neighborhood or around the globe. That’s right, there is no distance limitation; the tracking is available in over 150 countries around the world.

Activating the Tracker:

Buying the GPS tracker beforehand is necessary and make sure it is 100% charged before use. Once you have chosen the subscription plan and paid for it, turn on the fully charged tracker and activate it by entering the 8-digit tracker ID (written at the back of the device). Then attach the tracker to the collar of the pet and your pet is ready to go. Afterward, you can open the app and follow the prompts to input pet details and wants.

Demo mode:

If you are doubtful of whether you will like the app or not, it already has a solution for you. The app allows you to have a demo period of 15 minutes in which you can monitor your pet. It automatically sets up a virtual fence to give you an idea of how fast and accurate the GPS tracker is.

Moreover, if you are somewhat not satisfied with the service or the app, you can get a refund within the first 14 days of purchase. All you have to do is either contact the company directly or fill in the return form. Hence, you can easily get your money back and cancel the subscription.

Other important features of the app:

Sometimes, the pet enters an area with no internet or cellular service, the owner can use the Find feature. It uses the BlueTooth feature to tell whether you are getting closer to or moving away from your pet. Both the GPS and BlueTooth should be turned on to avail this service. Also, the tracker has its own SIM card, so it is independent of the mobile service the owner is using.

The battery life of a GPS tracker is approximately 2-5 days. The battery life depends on various factors:

  • If the pet moves around a lot, it will result in more frequent reports causing the battery to drain quickly.
  • The areas with weaker cellular connections will also cause a quick drain of the battery.
  • To prolong the battery life, pet owners should use the BlueTooth feature when the pet is nearby and in the range.
  • Damage to firmware or hardware can cause a short battery life.
  • The best temperature range for the tracker is -5°C to 40°C as the extreme temperature can damage the battery.
  • Owners must enable the battery saving mode.

Tractive also offers light and sound features for the tracker. It is helpful for the times when the pet is not immediately visible (e.g. in darkness or a forest). The owners can easily locate their pet by seeing the bright light from their collar or hearing the loud sound.


If you are a pet lover and owner, who wants to be updated on the location and health of your pet, tractive is a must for you. The charges per month for both plans are reasonable considering their offerings. The app is reliable and accurate and has received positive reviews from all around the world.

It enables you to go to work or out with friends and family, without worrying about the safety of your pet. Now, you can enjoy the time away from them whilst still keeping a check on them. If you are super busy, your family or friends can track them using Family sharing. So, what are you waiting for? Go get Tractive now if you want to look after your pet and do other tasks at the same time.

Rabiya Tahir