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How to earn money from Fiverr

How to earn money from Fiverr

Presently, there is excessive usage of technology in almost every aspect of life, from GPS to online banking to shopping. Everything is just a click away, thus irrespective of age, every person spends at least half the day using gadgets. Why not make people use these gadgets and the excess amount of time spent on them to earn money? Especially students, who aspire to be independent rather than being a burden on their parents. 

Each human craves independence, being able to buy your own belongings, paying fees/bills, buying presents for loved ones, etc. Fiverr has provided a platform for such people to earn money by sitting at home and working on electronic devices. In this article, we will discuss in-depth what Fiverr is and how to make money on it, using your skills.

What is Fiverr?

Founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman, Fiverr is an online platform for providing services in exchange for money. The seller sets up a registered account and puts up a ‘gig’ which refers to the service they are offering. Interested buyers then contact the seller to tell their demands and expectations, if both parties reach an understanding, the transaction is made. If you look at it closely, it is pretty similar to how a usual marketplace transaction works!

If you are an individual with great talent and skills looking to earn some cash, then what are you waiting for? Go and get registered on Fiverr right now! The services offered on Fiverr are from every industry, some of them are listed below:

  • Lifestyle 
  • Video and Animation
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming 

These are just a few ones, the opportunities offered by this platform are never-ending. Moreover, you get to work in the comfort of your home or while you are travelling, whenever and wherever is convenient for you. 

How to Get Started:

Creating a new account and offering your services on Fiverr is not a hassle. It is just a three steps process and navigating through the website is an easy task. So let’s get into it!

      1. Make a registered account:

This is a fairly easy step, you go to the website and click on ‘join’. It gives you the option to join through a Facebook account, email, or apple account. Afterward, a confirmation email is sent to you, you click on it and you have joined Fiverr. 

       2. Put on an attractive profile:

This is a very integral part of the process because when a buyer is interested in your service, he always opens your profile. The personal profile should be very captivating and interesting and it should include all the right things. Some of the techniques or strategies for setting up a good profile are listed below.  

  • The description should not be too long (that it becomes boring) or too short (not enough information) instead it should be medium-sized.
  • You should avoid grammatical mistakes, the sentence formation and punctuation should be correct. 
  • Must upload a professional picture as it makes you look more trustworthy and approachable. 
  • You should mention all of your achievements, qualifications, experience, and skills but do not sound too overconfident or conceited. 
  • It is favorable if you connect your personal social media accounts as well as it increases your reach and also redeems you as trustworthy.

         3. Create a convincing gig:

“Gig” is known as the service you are providing, it may be a voice-over, online tuition, photo editing, proofreading etc. Creating a gig is a hard task because this is where you have to put the most effort in. The gig is what attracts the buyers and makes them visit your profile. 

Title of the Gig

The first thing is first, the title of your gig must be attention-grabbing and should have the right keywords. The main thing mentioned in the title should be the service you are providing, after that there are various other things you can include. You can mention the price “I will design a logo for $5” or delivery time “Proofread a document in 12 hours” or focus on the service “I will create excel sheet”. 

Choosing Industry and Tags

After the title, you need to select the correct industry for your service, Fiverr itself gives multiple options based on the title. Then comes selecting tags, they are vital because correct tags can bring up the gig in greater search results. The tags should be related to your service and be common words used in daily life. 


Next are the pricing packages you have to offer, there are three packages: basic, standard, and premium. You get to name your package and describe some detail of it e.g. “I will write a 1000 words essay for $10”. Two other major things are delivery time– mentioning how many hours/days will it take you to do the work and revisions. There are other options present which vary according to your service i.e. logo transparency, video resolution, data chart, topic research, etc. 

As for the price, you can choose anywhere between $5 to $995 depending on your service and how much hard work it demands. Below this box, there is another option called “Add Extra Services” it provides you with an opportunity to add details and additions to your offer. For example, you can charge extra for faster delivery, more revisions, writing additional 200 words, anything depending on your service. Greater additional offers are good as it captures the attention of sellers and adds more element to your gig.


Then comes the description part of the gig, here you need to give a detailed explanation of your offering. Let the buyer know your specific skills, your past experience related to that skills, and what to expect from you. You need to be elaborative in this part so that the buyer knows what they are signing up for. For example, when offering to create/modify a spreadsheet, mention everything you can do i.e. formatting, alignment, graphs, calculations, etc. 

To make the description more appealing it is better to bold the important information, use bullet points, and don’t write long paragraphs. There should be minimum grammatical errors as some people lose interest because of bad punctuation or spelling mistakes. Hence, you should always reread the description to make sure it is intriguing and captivating. 

Uploading Photo

            This is the last and an important part of publishing a gig, it holds the same importance as that of a title. Because this is the first thing that the seller sees along with the title, so it should catch their eye. Some people upload their own picture with a brief description while others upload a picture related to their offering. Along with the gig photo, you get an option to upload a portfolio, video, or pdf. For example, you can upload previous logos designed by you or an article you have previously written, anything that showcases your talent.        

After this, you just have to give a short quiz which checks your basic English knowledge and your gig is good to go!       

Increase your reach:

Initially, Fiverr was a $5 platform as suggested by the name itself meaning every service was provided for 5 bucks. However, fortunately for money earners that is not the case anymore and you can charge up to $995. If you are a beginner, you should charge the least amount of money to set your gig apart and be prominent. Because if you are charging the same as a five-star seller then why choose you, an inexperienced seller?

After setting a low price, you should focus on customer care because reputation can either make you or break you. Be fast in responding to buyer’s queries and fixing any error made, instead of arguing and earning a negative reputation. You should focus on delivering the work on time and put a lot of effort into your service to make it outstanding. This will help you to get good stars and positive reviews- which in turn will put your gig on top of search results. 

Another way to increase your reach is by sharing your Fiverr profile on all social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin are all great platforms to reach massive amounts of people which will help you grow on Fiverr. Moreover, you can even request your satisfied buyers to recommend you to others or share your profile on their socials, the more, the merrier!

Benefits to both Parties

Not only is Fiverr a beneficial platform for sellers but it also provides an easy and convenient solution to buyers. Instead of posting jobs on random sites, they can just log in to Fiverr and find the perfect person for the job. Need someone for social media marketing or to write your CV or to help you with an assignment question? Fiverr has you covered for everything and that too at a very reasonable price. 

The payment method of Fiverr is very secure and flexible which encourages both sellers and buyers to use this platform. Various mediums can be used to pay i.e. PayPal, credit/debit card, wire transfer, google pay, etc. The seller gives money to Fiverr upon buying the gig which Fiverr sends to the buyer after completion of work. So, if you have skills and want to earn cash then head over to Fiverr right now!

Rabiya Tahir