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How Positive Grid is changing the way people make Music

How Positive Grid is changing the way people make Music


Music is a raw and pure form of art that helps us to express emotions, feel at ease or concentrate, etc. Almost everyone listens to music daily while doing random chores i.e. studying, washing dishes, cleaning, or just laying in bed. It brings solace and peace during tough times and causes a sense of belonging which makes people realize they are not alone. It has become an integral part of our lives, no matter the age, every individual has their favorite song/artist/genre.

Access to music has gotten very easy due to the advancement in technology. Different apps including Spotify, Soundcloud, Musicplay, etc have made it convenient to listen to music at all times. Not only listening but making music has gotten simpler and easier as well, this is where Positive Grid steps in.  

What is Positive Grid?

Calvin Abel, the current CEO started this company in 2011 with its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. He started it with the support of his engineer and guitarist friends, who wanted to achieve big while having fun on the way! 

They wanted to find a solution for using multiple wires for computers, software, speakers, iPods, which was a hassle. So, when the first iPhone was introduced, they got an idea to use it as a platform to provide better musical facilities. This is when the company was first introduced and now it’s one of the most innovative music companies. It turns your gadget into a multi-system guitar with a jam player, phase sampler, and 8- track recorder. 

The company provides apps for guitar players so that they can create music on their iPhones and iPads. It saves the fuss of carrying around other big objects and unnecessary wires. They can use their phones for jamming, practicing, and ultimately recording the tune they created. 

JamUp App:

The first app introduced is the JamUp app, in 2011 with JamUp Plug Audio Interface. It is a guitar processor app and enables the customers to load and slow down any tune from iTunes and change its tempo or pitch.

The app gained immediate success just after its release from music lovers all around the globe. The JamUp app was well received by the audience as it provided a trouble-free way to create and edit music. Moreover, making music did not require a massive arrangement as the app-enabled users to do it in a confined space or while traveling. Due to these factors, there were reportedly one million downloads of the app in a limited period.  


After the success of their first app, the creators wanted to go above and beyond for their new invention. So they introduced ToneCloud, which allows the users to create, share, and download custom guitar tones. It opened a door of opportunities for the musicians and increased the interactions among people. This social network helps people to explore and get familiar with music traditions all around the world, also building the company’s popularity. Fortunately for the owners, there were about 10,000 presets available for free in just a short time. 


To go even crazier, the creators introduced BIAS that enables users to design and share their guitar amps. Now, the customers have access to virtually designed limitless new custom guitar amps. They can now make their version of a tune or build it from a stretch, whatever is convenient for them. The searching engine of BIAS is very accurate and fast that permits users to search for different amps by genres or through keywords.  

Due to BIAS, the interaction and social involvement of different musicians have increased as well. As the ‘Upload’ button is always visible on the screen, the artists can share their amp at any stage of production with others. Not only this, but there are “Preview” “Like” and even a “Comment” option that improves the communication between musicians. You can connect to BIAS with a Facebook account too, which helps in easier access and develops trust among musicians. 


The newest addition to the company’s products is the spark amp and app. It is an intelligent guitar amplifier that uses technology to create a memorable experience for the user. When it gets connected to your smartphone, it analyses your playlists to understand your styles and liking. Then it provides a backing drumbeat and authentic bassline to go with your preference. 

The first step is to install the spark app and plug in your guitar with your phone. The app can pick up songs from Spotify, Youtube, your music library, and Apple Music, so the range of songs available is vast. Or you can also get access to ToneCloud where you can find over 10,000 other sounds and tunes. Once you have chosen the song, the app automatically displays its chords in real-time for convenience. The Spark app also allows slowing down the songs so people can practice at their own pace.

Some additional benefits of Spark include voice recognition, it responds to the user’s voice commands, making it easier and more accessible. It is a versatile app that is not restricted to just one type of instrument, instead, it can be used with bass, electric, and acoustic guitar. It comes with different amp models and effects for acoustic and bass, instead of just electric effects. 

The amp consists of two huge speakers and a tuned bass-reflex port which results in loud, clear, and enjoyable audio. To make it more appealing, the amp comes with free PreSonus Studio One Prime Recording Software. Spark can also be used as a USB interface to record on your computer.

What else are they offering?

The company has come a long way from starting with a single mobile app. Now they are offering free mobile apps, advanced sound design programs and software, high-quality amplifiers, and connected pedals. They have a vast range of products in each category that are being sold on big platforms i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc. The company also has its website where each product is explained in detail with its features and price. Furthermore, it has employed a massive chunk of people, may it be engineers, musicians, writers, bloggers, artists, etc. 

Benefits of Using Positive Grid

A major benefit of the BIAS app is that in addition to helping professional music players, it also allows beginners to create their amp. There are a total of 36 basic line amps to help starters with their work. Even the non-guitar players can create their amp by using Tolex and knob, uploading their photo, giving it a name, and sharing it on Facebook. 

This emerging app is also very suitable for live performances. All you have to do is import the amp you created or want to use to JamUp with a single tap. Then, a JamUp Plug is required to connect the guitar with your iPhone or Ipad, and you are connected. Can making and presenting music get any simpler than this? I don’t think so.

How is Positive Grid Changing the Music Industry?

The success and advancement of the firm have caused a drastic change in the music industry. This new technology of mobile music is cheaper and more convenient than the previous conventional ones. The ease of accessing, learning, and creating music has encouraged a lot of new artists to enter the industry. It provides a safer environment for them to experience new things and challenge themselves. Thus, it has also improved the music industry over the past few years.

Instead of needing the whole set-up that costs a lot, you only need your mobile phone and a guitar. Not only is this technology portable and easy to carry, but it also allows the musicians to learn their favorite songs at their own pace. A lot of musicians have opened YouTube Channels to review and rate the company’s products. It has increased the reach of those musicians and built up a positive reputation for the company. 

So, the products are cheaper, transportable, and provide endless possibilities for learning and creating. Because of this reason, Positive Grid is the choice of most of the emerging artists and musicians.




Rabiya Tahir