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An Overview of Design and Development at Techylem

Design & Development

An Overview of Design and Development at Techylem

Techylem delivers experiences through its highly user-friendly applications developed using emerging technologies. By following the key rules of software engineering, Techylem guarantees to meet needs of clients. Our vast range of design and development includes:

Web Design and Development

The web designing team of Techylem engineers highly user-friendly and interactive web designs using the latest tools. We are experts of using modern frameworks like React, Angular and Flutter. We like to play with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and XD to design your requirements.

Web Development
Web Development

Our web developers are expert in mature and emerging web developments. Our Web Applications are designed according to your organizational structure. Protection of your professional reputation is always our top priority. That’s why we create secure web apps.

We are experts of using the following languages with their famous frameworks:

  • Python : Django, Flask
  • PHP: WordPress, Laravel, Code-igniter, Symphony
  • Dart: Flutter

By using these tools, we aim to deliver experiences through our Web Apps.

Mobile App:

In today’s world of modern technologies, everyone owns a mobile. This is reason that mobile apps are famous and readily available. It is very important to built such an app which best fits in the user requirement.

Mobile developers of Techylem brilliantly develop highly-responsive native and hybrid mobile apps. Our imaginative app designing team designs highly appealing and responsive mobile apps. Our mobile apps run smoothly on all platforms ensuring product quality and usability. For mobile app development, we are using Flutter.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Desktop App:

There are certain organization which need to have offline desktop applications for the efficient running of their business process. For speeding up expensive and heavy business processes, our desktop app design and development team builds desktop apps for reducing business complexities with top quality graphics and ensuring user engagement.

For desktop app development, we are using c#.

Desktop App Development
Desktop App Development

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Zubaria Zafar

Zubaria is Publications Manager at Techylem and a research student of Masters in Information Security at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad.