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5 Best Writing Applications That Make You a Better Writer

5 Best Writing Applications That Make You a Better Writer

Want to write a blog, a book, or content for a website but lack the understanding of the basics of English then these applications will help you in boosting your writing skills if you are weak in grammar or basic English rules.

Good writing skills help you to convey your message to a big audience. And that content should be free of grammatical errors because your content leaves an impact on the users about your personality and presentation style. Below we have mentioned few applications that can help you in becoming a better writer.



Grammarly is considered one of the best writing applications as it is packed with many features and checks. It will help you write if your vocabulary is not strong or you lack basic English rules. Its basic version has a few features that are free but you can always go for a premium version if you can afford it.


Features in Free version


Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Conciseness are features offered in its free plan.


Features in Premium Version


In addition to the features available in the free version you get rephrases, tone adjustments, plagiarism detection, Word Choice, Formality level, fluency, and additional advanced suggestions.


Availability on Cross Platforms


Grammarly is available as an online editor in addition to this it can also be added as an extension to your favorite browsers which can help you in correcting your typing errors. You can get its add-in in Microsoft Word, it’s also downloadable on iOS and Android platforms. 


2. Hemingway


Hemingway is available as an online editor and also as a desktop application. Also, it is free which can attract more users. It gives simpler alternative word suggestions, tells which sentences are harder to read and can be changed, and also active-passive voice suggestions.

It gives a summary of the written article like what is the readability of the document, reading time, number of sentences, words, and letters.


 3. Ginger


Just like Grammarly, there is another application called Ginger which can also help in writing better articles. It can boost your creativity and style with smart alternatives by providing rephrasing and synonym suggestions through the use of AI. 

You can get its ad-in, download it on iOS and Android, or download its extension for chrome. It can be a useful tool for students and businesses. But you will have to pay for its premium version.




ProWritingAid provides features that are unique from other manuscript editors available in the market. It helps in improving your writing skills and getting your ideas across more clearly.


Unique features


It can suggest strong verb replacements, 20 in-depth writing reports like repetitiveness, vague wording, style, sentence length variation, and a lot more exciting suggestions.


Good writing is not only about good grammar but it is also related to having a good presenting style. This application is suitable if you want to improve your style of writing. Another feature is that during writing you can learn about certain topics because it shows some videos, explanations, and quizzes to improve your style.


You can eliminate embarrassing errors, use the right words and data visualizations to provide an in-depth understanding of your article or report.


5. Google Docs:


Google Docs is an online platform to write documents and articles. Suggestions and edits from other writers can help in improving the quality of the document. It also offers some suggestions for writing errors. Also, it offers some punctuation suggestions. Its auto-saving technique is very useful as you don’t have to worry about saving it every time. You can always convert a word doc to Google docs and vice versa. There is no limit for the file formats.

It provides templates for certain types of documents. You can make your document look prettier by making a few changes


Writing is considered a talent because you do research and you put whatever comes to your mind onto the page but that is not always grammatically correct so many applications can help you in improving your writing style, composition, readability, and make you a better and known writer. Of course, they cannot replace you as a writer, editor, and designer in a night but can help you in becoming a better one by the features they offer you.

 By selecting the right application according to your needs, you can make the writing process easy for yourself. So, select the right application and start your work and make your path towards success.

Javeria Syed